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. we do it consulting, focusing on strategy consulting, infrastructure and security. we help organisations to build and maintain their information technology in a competitive and stable way. our clients vary from small to big, from telecommunication to financial services. we work with unix, bsd, linux macos, and the people at ;-) we love open source software. contact us. office at or +43 660 3172 333. rotensterngase 21, 1020 vienna, austria. fn274996g handelsgericht wien. [ privacy policy ]


we create custom tailored systems by connecting open source components and make them run smoothly and user-friendly. automation as general approach - whatever is presumably done more than once needs automation. we prepare the project to run automatically on multiple runways: deployment runway, user acceptance test runway, failover runway and teach runway (almost...). we treat documentation as first class citizen, i.e. documentation defects are equal important as source code or design defects. we work on our solutions to be simple (easy to operate, simple to use), quick (low response times/high throughout) and secure.


strategy consulting.

we help our clients to identify and select business areas, where technology investments support their strategy. on top of technology we've got industry knowledge in telecommunication, utilities and financial services. we appreciate learning from our clients. our song goes like this: a wise technology selection will sustain the added value / open industry standards do prevent vendor locks / whatever bad happens in the early stage / increases the costs running and maintaining the system


design, implementation and hand-over to operations of infrastructure service. to be more specific, we call infrastructure the collection of hardware, network and system services on the layers below business applications. that include time, mail, file services, databases or security services. on unix, bsd and linux. service areas: build (data center set-up or expansion) and optimize (e.g. stateful firewalls with high throughput: replacement of proprietary network components with commodity hardware). you can find a list of internal projects at the end of this page

monitoring and performance monitoring.

the times they are a-changin'. while a decade ago monitoring was like crossing a dessert with a glass of expensive water, that situation has improved a lot. over the last years several devops manufactories have released great open source modules for working with metrics in an high performance environment.

identity and access management.

we've contributed to several large identity and access management projects, many of them based on oracle solutions or on solutions oracle has acquired. solution architecture and security design. an increasing number of highly integrated components makes you focus on automation in all kind of processes.

performance tuning.

measuring and improving application performance, from hardware, i/o and network, over database systems to full stack web applications. on unix/linux/bsd.

open source.

read and fork on github

infrastructure /var/log

our infrastructure covers several use cases: office backends, project management software, client architecture testing and research & development. internal projects we were working on: